ACHI Magazine Model Award

When I started the journey of becoming a model, I automatically knew it would be a challenge. Despite the many negative connotations associated with the industry, I wanted to give it my all. After two years of pursuing my dream I was recognized amongst my community with the ACHI Magazine Model Award. As I type this it’s still hard for me to even process that I could receive any sort of award from my endeavors. For me, every job presents a challenge, but the one thing that will always stay true regardless of how long modeling will be a part of my life, is that I am a hard worker. I can’t wait to see the opportunities that will arise from this award, and I am very appreciative and blessed to have received such an honor in front of 300 ambitious ladies. ACHI Magazine promotes businesswomen and to even be associated among women of such caliber truly puts a smile on my face. Congrats to all nominees, winners and individuals involved with ACHI. It was a pleasure accepting this award and I sincerely thank each and every one of you that have supported me along this journey.

Outfit styling: Jennifer & Idahlia for
Makeup Artist: Sarah Rillon

Accepting the Model Award

Rachel with agent Darlene Stevenson

Award Speech

Rachel and Darlene Stevenson

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