1. LA Covid Food Resources

    01 May 2020
    It’s come to my attention that many are still struggling to find and/or afford food during the pandemic. I wanted to provide a comprehensive list of options for citizens of LA county. Feel free to share to those in need and email if you know of any additional resources…

  2. Coronosity

    17 Mar 2020
    Curious what to do with all this “free time” working from home or w/o pay and want to find ways to make extra income…? They said every little bit adds up right?! :) Earn cash back on that $200+ bill of groceries you already over-purchased Take on a new mediation…

  3. ACHI Magazine Model Award

    03 Aug 2014
    When I started the journey of becoming a model, I automatically knew it would be a challenge. Despite the many negative connotations associated with the industry, I wanted to give it my all. After two years of pursuing my dream I was recognized amongst my community with the ACHI Magazine…

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