LA Covid Food Resources

It’s come to my attention that many are still struggling to find and/or afford food during the pandemic. I wanted to provide a comprehensive list of options for citizens of LA county. Feel free to share to those in need and email if you know of any additional resources I can list. Click the text if you qualify for the following:

-Find your local LA food bank

-If you’ve lost your job (CalFresh)

-Resturant workers relief program (720 N. Virgil Ave//Daily, 4pm-7pm⁣)

-Laid off/Furloughed or reduced hours in event/entertainment industry

-Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program

-Senior/Older Adults: For meals from LA County and City of LA, call 800-510-2020

-60+ y.o. Meals on Wheels

-All additional resources

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