Curious what to do with all this “free time” working from home or w/o pay and want to find ways to make extra income…? They said every little bit adds up right?! :)

Earn cash back on that $200+ bill of groceries you already over-purchased

Take on a new mediation practice

Convert your energy to clean energy

Follow a new recipe or be your own mixologist

Clean your closet and re-sell your clothes

Do body-weight exercises & workout from home!

Get rid of even more misc. stuff you’re not using (and re-sell)

Read a book…or write your own story!

Plan a future vacay since rates are dropping daily

Have brainstorming sessions with co-workers or friends over video call

Order something from Postmates & support local restaurants while they’re still open!

DO YA TAXES! (yikes I know)

Get a free drink at Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf (in the drive-thru of course)

Take a walk in the neighborhood!

Snag a unique birthday gift for a loved one

Play board games or complete a puzzle

Get creative or calm anxiety the natural way (CA/OR only)

Check in with your friends, family & elderly neighbors

Save 5¢/gal more on the cheapest gas prices in years at Shell stations

Let me know if you guys can think of any more to add to the list! Stay safe, calm & zen friends. <3

- @rachel_fbabyy

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